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Gaïa Textile is so much more than just a fabric printing company!
Accessibility: As a tailor, I often have a hard time finding good suppliers who offer original designs, quick turnaround times, and outstanding service. At Gaïa Textile, we took the time to thoroughly study our business plan, to find associates committed to providing fast quality service and to establish a realistic action plan to create a reliable company. We offer quick turnaround pre-orders to make sure you get the fabrics you want, in the quantities you want, but we've also decided to invest a significant portion of the revenue in ready-to-go inventory. We deal with the best shipping companies for your mail items so our freight rate is fixed and your items arrive fast! In case of loss, they are guaranteed!
Originality: All our designs are created by our collaborating artists and we have the exclusivity over them in the field of textile printing. In addition to our graphic designer, we do business with other artists from various mediums who give us the right to adapt their works, to print them on fabric, to sell them to you and to give YOU the right to make and sell your creations. What you find here, you won't find anywhere else.
Passion: Having grown up in the textile industry, I have accumulated not only good expertise, but also a great passion for all aspects of the field. Each fabric must be a work of art in my eyes!
Ecology: All our fabrics are Oeko-Tex or GOTS certified. They are manufactured and printed in the environmental standards of these trademarks. They do not contain any agent harmful to humans or the environment. Our fabrics are therefore ideal for people with skin problems, allergies, irritation, etc.
Responsible: Thanks to these same certifications, we know that all the people involved in the design of our fabrics, do so in a suitable and safe working environment! You can make your colors vibrate with a clear conscience. 
In addition, for each order we place, we plant 10 trees thanks to Compensation CO2 Québec to compensate for the transport of our materials! (10 km as the crow flies = 343 trees according to the Compensation CO10 Québec website)
And of course, it is always essential for us that our customers feel confident and cared for in our company. This is why we have responsive customer service as well as several rebate programs, promotions and loyalty!
Welcome to Gaïa Textile. Let's start creating!
More information on the standard Oeko-Tex certification here!