Delivery Information

Choose your delivery options

It is very important to choose your delivery option carefully. We have a good range of options to make your shopping easier, but we reserve the right to change our offer at any time if this causes us too much trouble. Here are the options available to you:

- Combine with another invoice of the same round (Free) 

* Available with the use of the COMBINE coupon within 24 hours of your STOCK order or at any time during the same pre-order for pre-order items *

You CANNOT mix shipments for two different pre-orders or for one pre-order AND fabric in stock. If you would like to purchase fabric in stock AND place a pre-order, please make two different invoices. Otherwise, your order may be canceled without notice and management and cancellation fees may apply.

- Pick up in Repentigny (Free) 

Our family workshop is always happy to welcome you! If you select this option, an email will be sent to you when your order is ready to be picked up. It will indicate the address and opening hours of the workshop. Under no circumstances can you come before you have received your instruction email. Your order will not be ready and you will have come for nothing. 


- Regular QC + ON ($ XNUMX)

(Quebec + Ontario) We have established a fixed price for delivery, to simplify your shopping. Shipments are made by Purolator. Read below for more information. 

-Regular Rest of Canada ($ 20)

(All other Canadian provinces) We have established a fixed price for delivery, to simplify your shopping. Shipments are made by Purolator. Read below for more information. 

- Free with minimum order (Free)

From a purchase of CAD $ 220 before taxes, we offer free delivery! Again, you cannot mix STOCK items and pre-order items (R followed by a number, in the VIP ACCRO section!), They will not be processed at the same time so you must cover two deliveries. Your order will be canceled and / or you will have to pay the appropriate shipping costs as well as possibly a handling fee.



All orders are continuously cut, no separation unless otherwise specified. It may happen that our printer sends us the fabrics in several pieces. We do our best to ensure that this does not affect orders but there may be times when we do not have the choice to contact you and offer you a credit or full refund (cancellation). There will be no cancellation or management fees in this case.

* When you combine two orders, we do not guarantee that your orders will be cut continuously. We may have already cut your first order. *

Items in stock are usually dispatched within 1 to 5 working days or according to the deadlines displayed on the home page of our website. 

Pre-order items are dispatched within 2-8 business days of receipt of merchandise. 

Pre-orders are approximately one week in duration and arrive in the workshop 3 to 4 weeks after the closing of the reservation period.

We will respond to no requestupdate regarding orders. Please understand that there are many of you and that it would not be realistic for us to answer the same questions over and over again. That's why we offer you a weekly update on our facebook group Gaïa Textile - The Group !

Gaïa Textile allows itself to change its delays at any time, if necessary and will not be held responsible for additional delays caused by the transport service.



It is your duty, once your tracking number has been received, to monitor the progress of your package and to be present on site to receive it. At any time, before you receive your package or after missing the first delivery, you can contact the shipping company to schedule a delivery on a date and time that is convenient for you.

If your package is late or indicates delivered but is not, YOU MUST CALL THE TRANSPORT COMPANY you can easily do that with your tracking number.

We are not responsible for any stolen package. We ask for it to be sent with a signature required, you can contact transport company to find out the name of the person who signed on your behalf, it is not our responsibility. 

* Please note that in the event of a health crisis, the signature option may be canceled by the delivery service. In this case, you must once again call the company yourself if your package has been stolen. *

Be sure to check your fabrics upon receipt! Gaïa Textile will not be held responsible for any defect brought to its attention more than 24 hours after the arrival of your package or ANY defect following the washing of your fabrics, even if the washing is carried out within the first 24 hours. A washed fabric becomes a used item and is no longer our responsibility.


Shipping Errors

Shipping labels are automatically filled by our program with the information you entered at the time of purchase. If you have moved, made a mistake in your address, or have asked the shipping company to change the delivery address for any reason, please be aware that we may have additional charges in which case we will send you an invoice with proof of costs incurred. 

If you have not paid this invoice within 72 hours, you will be banned from our website. 

FOR ANY UNCLAIMED PACKAGE that will be returned to us, we will contact you by email and send an invoice between $ 10 and $ 40, depending on the weight of your order. Why? We have decided to offer fixed price shipping to make your shopping easier, but this price does not reflect the actual cost of our shipments, which can cost up to $ 40. We would be happy to cover the difference on the first shipment, but the second will be billed to you at the true price, with proof.

* If you need to change the delivery address, let us know BEFORE we send your order and we will be happy to put a note in your file, free of charge. *



You will receive an email message with instructions for picking up your order, once it is ready. You have 10 business days (i.e. 2 weeks) to pick up your order after which you may have to pay administration and storage fees to pick up your items. We will send a reminder a few days before the deadline expires. 

If your order has not been claimed after 90 days, in accordance with the laws of the Consumer Protection Office of Quebec, your items will be considered abandoned and put back on sale. You must contact us yourself for a refund and charges will apply for storage and handling.

* We reserve the right to refuse the pickup option at any time, without notice and without justification in the event that our workshop must be closed, that a customer has not respected the collection agreements in the past or for any other reason at our discretion. *


Gaïa Textile reserves the right to change its shipping policies at any time.