Gaïa Textile `` '' Completely Addicted! '' Card
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Gaïa Textile `` '' Completely Addicted! '' Card

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The purchase of this virtual card allows you to become a privileged member of Gaïa Textile. It gives you access, for a whole year, to:

-15 discount on the purchase of 8m of the same fiber OR 30m in total, all patterns / fiber combined. Also applicable on plain fabrics.

Not applicable on “rush” personalized print orders.

- Participation in an annual draw to win the free renewal of your membership card 3 cards offered per year.).


Place your order and receive your active personal code within 48 hours.


* Membership cards cannot be refunded, exchanged or bequeathed to someone else.

** You cannot use this card to purchase fabrics for resale for the purpose of making a profit. We understand, however, that you may want to add fabrics for your loved ones to your order, in order to pass on your discount to them. Generosity and sharing are values ​​we value and as long as the order is made under your name, there is no problem. On the other hand, we rely on your good judgment and your honesty not to abuse it.

*** Gaïa Textile allows itself to withdraw its card from a member at any time, if it considers that the said member is making fraudulent or abusive use of his privilege. We reserve the right to judge for ourselves. No refund will be issued.

Here are our available fibers and their details:


Canvas Cotton Printed (100%) 256 gsm, 145 cm.

Price per half meter: $ 14.00


Cotton Poplin Printed (100%) 120 gsm, 150 cm

Price per half-meter: 10.00 $


Bamboo-Elastane Printed (95-5%) 230 gsm, 150 cm

Price per half meter: $ 14.00


Cotton-Elastane Printed (95-5%) 250 gsm, 150 gsm.m.

Price per half-meter: 13.75 $


Cotton-Elastane Printed (95-5%) 230 gsm, 150 gsm.m.

Price per half-meter: 13.50 $


Cotton-Elastane Solid (95-5%) 220 gsm, 175 cm

Price per half-meter: 6.00 $


Cotton-Elastane PREMIUM Solid (95-5%) 260 gsm, 175 cm

The fibers of this cotton are combed thoroughly before processing, which removes remaining impurities as well as weaker fibers. This process is performed on BOTH sides of the fabric, making it softer, more resistant and more durable.

Price per half meter: $ 7.50


DBP (double brushed poly Printed) printed (95% polyester, 5% elastane) 200 cm, 150 cm

Price per half-meter: 11.00 $


French Terry Cotton Printed (95% cotton, 5% spandex) 280 gsm, 150 cm

Price per half meter: $ 14.00


Squish double faced printed (95% Polyester / 5% Spandex) 350 gsm, 165 cm .. 

Price per half-meter: 14 $


Cable Knit Solid (95% Polyester, 5% elastane) 330 gsm, 160cm wide.

Price per half-meter: 10.00 $



Diamond Jacquard Solid (97% Polyester, 3% elastane) 260 gsm, 160cm wide.

Price per half meter: $ 10.00




All of our fabrics have OEKO-TEX STANDARD certification and are of high quality! *



This list may change at any time, without notice, depending on demand.

* All the information given on this page concerns our Gaïa Textile fabrics and does not apply to The Recovered section. In this last section, an evaluation is made on each fabric. Note that this evaluation is made by eye and could be erroneous, except when indicated "Confirmed".

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