Shipping Policy

Choose your delivery options

It is very important to choose your delivery option carefully. We have a good range of options to make your shopping easier, but we reserve the right to change our offer at any time if this causes us too much trouble. Here are the options available to you:

- Combine with another invoice of the same round (Free) 

Available with the coupon COMBINE within 24 hours of your STOCK order or anytime during the same preorder in which you already placed an order. *

You CANNOT mix shipments from two different pre-orders or for one pre-order AND fabric in stock. If you want to purchase fabric in stock AND place a pre-order, please make two different invoices. Otherwise, your order may be canceled without notice.

You can combine stock orders within 24 hours. Past that delay, you may contact us before combining, if your order has not been processed yet.

- Pick up in Repentigny (Free) * NOT AVAILABLE FROM DECCEMBER 20TH 2020 TO JANUARY 16TH 2021. Please choose a local delivery option *

Our family workshop is always happy to welcome you! If you select this option, an email will be sent to you when your order is ready to be picked up. It will indicate the address and the opening hours of the workshop. Do not contact us to get the information before, you will receive the email when your order is ready.

- Repentigny / Charlemagne Delivery ($ 3) OR L'Assomption / L'Épiphanie Delivery ($ 5) * TEMPORARY OFFER AVAILABLE ONLY FOR THE HOLIDAYS *

Quebec government announced that online store will not be authorized to offer pickups so we added the temporary option of local delivery. We will deliver twice a week, you will receive an email notification 24 hours before the delivery. PLEASE it is really important that you be there to receive the package OR that you indicate us in advance, where we can safely leave your package. We will not be responsible for any stolen package if you ask that we leave it at the door !!!!

- Regular ($ 12)

We have established a fixed price for delivery, to simplify your shopping. Shipments are made via fast and secure methods. Read below for more information.

- Free $ 200 + (Free)

From 200 purchase before taxes, we offer free delivery! Again, you cannot mix STOCK items and pre-order items maked with R and followed by a number, they will not be processed at the same time so you must cover two deliveries fees. So it needs to be either $ 200 of stock fabrics or $ 200 of preorder fabrics.



All orders are cut continuously, no separation unless otherwise specified.

* When you combine two orders, we do not guarantee that your orders will be cut continuously. *

Items in stock are usually dispatched within 1 to 5 business days.

Pre-order items are shipped within 2-8 business days of receipt of merchandise.

Pre-orders are 3 weeks and 1 day (so 22 days in length) and arrive in the workshop approximately 2 to 4 weeks from the date the pre-order is closed on Day 22. You should therefore allow a total of 4 to 6 weeks before receiving your fabrics at home plus the time remaining in the pre-order period.

We will not respond to any update resquest on pre-orders. Please understand that there are many of you and that it would not be realistic for us to answer the same questions over and over again. That's why we offer you a weekly update on our facebook group Gaia Textile - The Group !

Gaïa Textile allows itself to change its cutting times at any time, if necessary and will not be held responsible for additional delays caused by the transport service.



It is your duty, once your tracking number has been received, to monitor the progress of your package and to be present on site to receive it. At any time, before you receive your package or after missing the first delivery, you can contact transport company to schedule a delivery on a date and time convenient for you.

If your package is late or indicates delivery but is not, YOU MUST CALL TRANSPORT COMPANY yourself with your tracking number.

We are not responsible for any stolen packages. We ask for it to be sent with signature required, you can contact Transport to find out the name of the person who signed, it is not our responsibility.

* Please note that in the event of a health crisis, the signature option may be canceled by the delivery service. In this case, you must once again call the company yourself if your package has been stolen. *

Be sure to check your fabrics upon receipt! Gaïa Textile will not be held responsible for any defect brought to its attention more than Two hours after the arrival of your package.


Shipping Mistakes

Shipping labels are automatically filled by our program with the information you entered at the time of purchase. If you have moved, made a mistake in your address, or asked the Transport Company to change the delivery address for any reason, please be aware that we may have additional charges in which case we will send you an invoice with proof of costs incurred.

If you have not paid this invoice within 72 hours, you will be banned from our website.

FOR ANY UNCLAIMED PACKAGE that will be returned to us, we will contact you by email and send an invoice between 10 $ and 40 $, depending on the weight of your order. Why? We have decided to offer fixed price shipping to make your shopping easier, but this price does not reflect the actual cost of our shipments, which can cost up to 40 $. We are happy to cover the difference on the first shipment, but the second will be billed to you at the true price, with proof.

* If you need to change the delivery address let us know BEFORE we send your order and we will be happy to put a note in your file, free of charge. *



You will receive an email message with instructions for picking up your order once it is ready. You have 10 days to pick up your order after which you may have to pay administration and storage fees to pick up your items. We will send a reminder a few days before the deadline expires.

If your order has not been claimed after 90 days, in accordance with the laws of the Office of Consumer Protection, your items will be considered abandoned and relisted.

* We reserve the right to refuse the pickup option at any time, without notice and without justification, should our workshop need to be closed, a customer has not honored the pickup agreements in the past or for any other reason at our discretion. *


Gaïa Textile reserves the right to change its shipping policies at any time.