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** WARNING. SPECIAL INSTRUCTION FOR HOLIDAYS. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO READ OUR CONDITIONS. - Repentigny / Charlemagne Delivery ($ 3) OR L'Assomption / L'Épiphanie Delivery ($ 5) * TEMPORARY OFFER AVAILABLE ONLY FOR THE HOLIDAYS * * Quebec government announced that online store are now authorized to offer pickups so the option is back! As we want you to stay safe, we also keep the local delivery offer. We will deliver twice a week, you will receive an email notification 24 hours before the delivery. PLEASE it is really important that you be there to receive the package OR that you indicate us in advance, where we can safely leave your package. We will not be responsible for any stolen package if you ask that we leave it at the door !!!! -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Gaia Textile is so much more than a simple fabric printing business: Accessibility, Originality, Passion, Ecology, Responsibility.

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