VIP Addicted!


Please note that due to the Chinese New Year, lead times for R19 are not guaranteed. We estimate that you will receive your purchases during the month of March 2022. 


Welcome to our VIP ACCRO section! 

(Note that quantity restrictions and discounts do not apply when pre-order is exceptionally open to everyone! If you don't have the Addict card and have access to pre-order, take advantage! purchase is 1 meter or 1 panel. Remember we sell by half a meter. 1m = 2 items)

* YOU MAY NOT MIX IN-STOCK AND PRE-ORDER ITEMS AT ANY TIME ON THE SAME INVOICE. Your order will be canceled and management and cancellation fees may apply. *


From August to March = CL Cotton-elasthane 250 gsm

From April to July = CL Cotton-elasthane 230 gsm